Precious Scars

Memoir on Child


My Journey to Freedom through Forgiveness

Precious Scars Book Review

Reflections on "Precious Scars"

by Carol Goldbaum

Precious Scars Book Review

"Precious Scars: My Journey to Freedom through Forgiveness"—by our own Yehuda Jacobi—is not a memoir in the traditional sense. It is a series of reflections tied to different principles and attributes by which Yehuda made sense of his feelings and his family and how he was able to heal. It is truly a spiritual journey more than a linear one. There are many chapters that can speak to each of us, whether or not we have had similar trials in our lives. This is not just how a gay boy hid his identity from an angry father and an all too involved mother. It is about searching for a way inside ourselves while connecting with those who can help us find our best qualities. I recommend Yehuda’s insights to those who both want to journey and those who want pointers for their own journey.

Reprinted by permission.

Carol Goldbaum is a member of Or Chadash, a Chicagoland synagogue serving gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Jews. She has held several positions on the board, the most recent one being President for the past three years. She is also a member of Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation in Evanston as well as a prominent social worker with her own business.

The original article was posted here in the synagogue newsletter on page 7.