Precious Scars

Memoir on Child


My Journey to Freedom through Forgiveness

“Your book is an interesting and insightful story of your journey! Though no one else will take their journeys in quite the same way – your expressions of love, anger, hurt and forgiveness are universal and so many, many others can relate to them. There will be many people who will read the book, relate to it and make the shifts in their lives that they need to make. Your job was to provide the fuel for that to happen. There is nothing more for you to do, but let the ripples go across the pond!”

Dr. Michael Thompson Adjunct Professor-- Northwestern University, and Business Coach

“I highly recommend this book, especially for those readers who have survived traumatic childhoods but cannot seem to let go of the pain and anger that came along with them.”

(From the Amazon review)
Karen Berg-Raftakis, Author, Arianna Archer Mystery Series

“I am impressed by the candor that is in every chapter. Each speaks fearlessly about your personal and spiritual journeys. You helped me reflect on my own life in a different way.”

Richard De Luca

“…the content of the book is so thoughtful and personal. When I got to the chapter about your father, I cried. You worked your way through pain and confusion to calm and happiness…you have managed to outline your SELF in loving detail.”

Lynn Allyn Young, Author, The Completed Works and Unfulfilled Plans of Sculptor Lorado Taft

“I greatly admire your courage to bear your soul and share your insights about your pain, your spiritual journey, and your path to forgiveness! I also appreciated the many footnotes which aided my education in various faith practices!”

Lynnette Hinch

“The perseverance and resilience you have shown is truly inspiring.”

Lee Griesbach

“... the author provides readers with new perspectives for dealing with their own demons.”

(From the Amazon review)
Alan Factor

“I identified with a lot of your pain and circumstances…the book was beautifully written and a very easy read.”

Steven Ehrlich



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