Precious Scars

Memoir on Child


My Journey to Freedom through Forgiveness

© 2013 Yehuda Jacobi

So what can I say about my father except that I remember him with love and compassion now, but also with regret. I regret he wasn't able to show his love more readily and make himself vulnerable to his children. I regret, as an adult, laying expectations on him that he couldn't possibly fulfill. Then I regret all the lost time and lost chances I washed away with anger. I regret not being able to rise above my hurt and see him for who he was. Now that I have this perspective, he's not here to talk to, at least not in a way that I would like. Most of all, I regret that I wasn't able to see the goodness within him until it was almost too late. But I did see it...

From What Can I Say About My Father?