In Precious Scars, he tries to provide a different perspective on childhood abuse by incorporating these religious/spiritual concepts. This perspective is extremely personal and one which obligates the reader to draw their own conclusions about what can be a very emotional and scarring issue.

He also uses his dreams to illustrate how, within the dream state; the soul wrestles with and learns from its physical experiences in this journey called life. Inside this book are the lessons, learned and continuing, behind one such journey.  

Yehuda's experiences in the area of religion and metaphysical thought have varied over 64 years. Raised Roman Catholic, he spent five years in the seminary pursuing the priesthood. Acknowledging his sexuality was in conflict with his goal, he left to study Buddhism, Hinduism, and particularly Taoism with a man who would become his Teacher. He loves the concept of many worlds, many lifetimes, and has pursued past life regressions with a Dick Sutphen trained hypnotist. He is an astrologer but more experienced in Tarot, having taught a few classes on it.

In 1981 he left Chicago to pursue his studies in Virginia Beach. His aim was to further his knowledge of the writings of Edgar Cayce and astrology. Having met a Spiritualist minister, he studied with her for a year and became a trance medium. Some of his writings have been channeled.

He returned to Chicago the next year where he studied and eventually converted to Judaism. He has studied the mystical teachings of Kaballah and delivered many D'vrei Torah (words of Torah, or sermons) at his local synagogue, Or Chadash, in Chicago.

Yehuda is also an avid fan of the philosophy of Louise Hay and Seth/Jane Roberts. This philosophy states simply, "You create your own reality."

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Precious Scars

Memoir on Child


My Journey to Freedom through Forgiveness

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