Precious Scars

Memoir on Child


My Journey to Freedom through Forgiveness

This book is a collection of spiritual discoveries I made while struggling to work through my childhood abuse. Ultimately, the story I tell is how I learned to confront, forgive, and heal my life’s distortions, or my erroneous beliefs and assumptions about my parents. My lesson was to transform those distortions and rise above the abuse. If I could not learn to do this, I would eternally be a victim. With each discovery, I hope to establish a movement within the material from Darkness to Light.

It has been extremely gratifying to meet so many people who, after having read Precious Scars, have come forward and shared their own stories of a troubled or difficult childhood. Some have even revealed being sexually abused at the hands of a parent or relative. Our mutual sharing has created a common bond where previously none existed. We know...and we understand each other. While the pain may still be there, there is a certain release that comes with knowing "I am not alone."

As I state in my introduction, I offer no answers, just perspectives. Please take a look...perhaps some of those perspectives can offer insight, clarity, or comfort.

Yehuda Jacobi